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Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) is a trusted, clinically-proven, noninvasive therapy for muscle rehabilitation post injury, surgery or disease.

  1. It is an effective and safe alternative to prescription, pain control medication with NO known side-effects or risk of overdose.
  2. NMES reduces rehabilitation time helping the patient regain functionality and productivity.
  3. It is easy to administer, typically reimbursed, and cost effective - by often reducing the need for PT or OT services.
  4. NMES allows for patient control over personal, muscle rehabilitation.

The primary aim of NMES is to provide muscle rehabilitation post injury, surgery or disease by exciting targeted motor nerves and thereby producing muscle contractions.

The presence of intact peripheral nerve excitability and healthy muscle tissue are necessary to induce therapeutic and functional motor responses.

NMES therapy is applicable to patients diagnosed with wide range of orthopedic and neurologic deficiencies who demonstrate difficulties during voluntary movements.

 - Muscle conditioning through either strength or endurance training
 - Maintenance or increase in range of motion, including contracture reduction
 - Facilitation and re-education of voluntary motor function
 - Orthotic training, including substitution for traditional orthoses
 - Management of acute and chronic edema
 - Reduces spasticity and muscle spasms
 - Reduces disuse atrophy
 - Increases local blood flow

Can affect the operation of demand type cardiac pacemakers
Not recommended for patients with known heart disease without physical evaluation of risk
Do NOT Apply over the anterior aspect of the neck or carotid sinus
Do not apply NMES for undiagnosed pain syndromes until etiology is established

 - Electrodes should not be placed over the eyes
Avoid active epiphyseal regions in children
Use of abdominal electrodes during labor may interfere with fetal monitoring equipment
Turn the stimulator off before applying or removing electrodes
 - Electrotherapy may cause skin irritation beneath the electrodes

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