There is a trend towards the use of electrotherapy in health care. To a large degree, this trend is due to a growing body of evidence supporting the successful use of electrotherapeutic modalities as an alternative to drugs. Today, practically every discipline in the medical science field enthusiastically endorses the use of electrotherapy. Most healthcare providers and their respective professional organizations now conclude that the risk/reward ratio for electrotherapy is exceedingly high when compared to drug treatments.

Healthcare providers now have an alternative without the residual effects of chemical dependency, altered consciousness, dizziness, irritability and nausea which often accompany drug therapy.

Working with Criterion
Criterion is a leading provider of proven, cost-effective, non-invasive medical solutions for pain management, physical therapy, and orthopedic rehabilitation. Since 2002, our products have treated over 150,000 patients. We are committed to working with healthcare providers to customize comprehensive programs, services and solutions that help meet their needs.

Each new provider receives a starter kit and personalized instructions from our Customer Care Team to ensure a full understanding of electrotherapy protocols and reimbursement schedules.

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