Our Patient Care Team facilitates all interactions between healthcare providers and patients to ensure quality service and positive patient outcomes. We exclusively employ Registered Nurses, to guarantee our patients and partners the peace of mind that comes with a trained medical opinion.

Patient Instruction:

  • Reviews the prescription instructions with the patient and ensures he or she understands how to use the device and accessories properly
  • Conducts frequent follow-up surveys with the patient to ensure patient satisfaction
  • Available 24/7 for patient support (Phone or Web)

Physician Support:

  • Educates office staff on electrotherapy protocols
  • Can provide monthly Patient Progress Report for review
  • Available 24/7 for technical and protocol support (Phone or Web)

The services provided by our Patient Care Team streamlines the entire process from the health care provider's office to the patient's home - ensuring an easy, cost-effective solution to pain management and rehabilitation.