People in pain are not themselves. Chronic pain can prevent you from working or doing what you enjoy. To address this, we have developed a comprehensive set of electrotherapeutic tools for pain management and rehabilitation. Our solutions are an effective and safe alternative to prescription, pain control medication with NO known side-effects, or risk of overdose or addiction.

Ultimately, we empower the patient to manage their own conditions at home - improving functionality and getting them back on his or her feet so that they may enjoy a more healthy, productive life.


Because our electrotherapeutic solutions are so effective and easy to administer, nearly all insurances will cover our goods and services. We work with PPO, HMO, auto, workers compensation, PIP and traditional indemnity plans. Patient care is our priority; if your insurance will not cover your treatment, we will.


All of our trusted physicians are trained to fit devices and instruct patients on proper usage. In addition, upon receiving equipment and supplies, a member of our Patient Care Team will contact the patient to ensure proper usage and answer all of his or her questions. We routinely contact our patients to ensure patient satisfaction, usage and progress. This practice allows us to maintain superior customer satisfaction and positive outcomes.

In addition, we have 24/7 help lines and live, online web assistance through our website. Finally, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions for patients to review for their convenience.


Our devices are easily prescribed by a licensed physician.
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