In the past, drugs were almost exclusively prescribed to either stimulate or relax muscles and nerves. The results are a varying degree of symptomatic relief coupled with unwanted side-effects. As a result, physicians often utilize Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) as a safe and effective alternative to prescription drugs for not only pain relief but also therapeutic benefits. NMES is a trusted, clinically-proven, noninvasive therapy for muscle rehabilitation post injury, surgery or disease.

Benefits of TENS

  • Effective and safe alternative to prescription, pain control medication with NO known side-effects or risk of overdose.
  • Decreases pain and helps the patient remain functional and productive.
  • Easy to administer, typically reimbursed, and cost effective - by often reducing the need for other therapy services.
  • Allows for patient control over pain management.
  • Targets acute and chronic pain of neck, back, shoulder, knee, wrists and hands.
  • Easily prescribed.

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How does NMES work?

Nerves and muscles are controlled by stimulation. Without stimulation, nerves and muscles begin to atrophy, becoming weak and disuse. This is often the case following trauma or surgery. Conversely, nerves and muscles may become over-stimulated by mechanical strain of the posture or occupational type.

In either case, NMES is an effective therapeutic treatment. NMES stimulates nerves and muscles through electrical impulses. Accordingly, patients can receive therapeutic treatment because NMES creates involuntary muscle contractions. This therapy improves and maintains muscle tone without actual physical activity. These same involuntary muscle contractions also help reduce spasms, re-educate muscles, and improve range of motion.