Criterion understands that reimbursement is an extremely important component in healthcare. We have a dedicated staff ready to assist you with reimbursement and insurance coverage issues. As a service to our healthcare providers we provide and collect all necessary documentation and submit claims on the patient's behalf.

The documentation we provide is designed to help our healthcare providers properly establish medically necessary treatments when using our products. However, the healthcare provider must use his or her own judgment when documenting treatment plans assessments.

In some cases, payors require additional information to complete a claim. Therefore, it is necessary the healthcare provider maintains a copy of the patient's medical record(s), prescription and progress notes ready upon request.

Please refer to the compiled coding guidelines for TENS and NMES to assist you. In addition RSA1V2A (2 page document) includes all necessary information to prescribe a Criterion device:

  1. Letter of Medical Necessity
  2. Assignment of Benefits
  3. Release of Information
  4. Product Request Forms